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Essential Services Check-In

Essential Services Check-In

We are only allowed to receive guest check-in for those under Essential Services from 26th August 2021 to 31st October 2021. We also do serve guests who require to stay for valid reasons like medical appointments, as long as valid documentation can be provided to us.  

All Essential Service industry guests may contact us directly at 082-227227 to make your bookings.

For all our guests who may have an existing booking with us for the purpose of a staycation or a quick relaxing getaway, please rest assured that we can offer you the flexibility of adjusting your stay dates to a new date after 31st October 2021. You may contact us or alternatively, our team members will get in touch with you to adjust the dates for your booking to another date. In the event that the date is extended after 31st October 2021, we will contact you once again to update your booking.

Let us all stand together to curb the pandemic and bring the numbers down. Always wash your hands, wear your masks and practice responsible physical distancing. Together we can do this!